And the Oscar goes to …..

…Erik Jan De Boer, Animation Director (Rhythm and Hues) for his outstanding contribution in “Life of Pi”, along with senior colleague Bill Westenhofer (this is his second Oscar). While it’s not surprisingly but is still inspiring to of us who work along side these great people at Rhythm and Hues. People who appreciate our effort and show their gratitude.

And the Best VFX OSCAR GOES TO “Life of Pi”


WOOOHOOOOO !!!!! (Celebrations all around) The Best Visual Effects Oscar goes to “Life Of Pi”. Another proud moment of being a part of an Academy award winning team, once again. The first time being in 2008, when we got our Oscar for the best VFX on Golden Compass. Congratulations to all those who worked on it !!! 🙂
Regarding the guys i know (and have met) in picture, second from left is Bill Westenhofer (VFX supervisor at Rhythm and Hues) and second from right is Erik De Boer (Animation director at Rhythm and Hues).

P.S. i do not own any copyright over the picture, its just for the record.