Paradise Lost: End of Rhythm and Hues India ?

Today was a black day for many of my friends at Rhythm and Hues, Mumbai. As many were given a month’s notice, also there were quite a few who were not so lucky. Those guys were told to immediately pack up and leave. Many departments were totally closed down.

RnH as it is fondly called, was one of the few places on earth were artists working there were treated with dignity and respect. It was a place were we enjoyed while we work. It was full of life that every artist can possibly dream of. People sharing their knowledge, supporting others to learn and grow.

Bad management, Blind faith…whatever the cause for the down fall and this situation may have been. It will take a while to get over this tragic incident, as news of a similar situation for the Hyderabad office looms large. Hope the new management has something sensible enough to roll up their sleeves to revive RnH, now left with full of machines.